Build a website series: Post 2

If you’re willing to put in a little time and effort, you can create a professional website that is just right for you for £50-£100. We’ve put together a series of posts to help you do just that. Whether you’re a blogger in the making, or a small business just starting out, this series should help you set up a Wordpress website.

This post takes you from installing Wordpress, to choosing a theme and setting up your website structure. If you haven’t yet chosen a domain name and found web hosting, you can find the first post here: Build a website on Wordpress.


London Budget Boutique: Z Hotels at Gloucester Place

During our long weekend in London, we wanted somewhere lux without the hefty price tag. We’ve previously stayed at Citizen M, and loved the new wave of budget-hotel chic.

Think top quality minimalism and modern design, but with much less space than your average hotel room.

After a little scouring we came up with Z Hotels at Gloucester Place. Their concept is pretty similar to Citizen M. Aimed firmly at millennials, Z Hotels are breaking up the stuffy ‘norm’ of a hotel. You won’t find a full English breakfast buffet here.

Sal, Cape Verde - the new bloggers paradise

Sal, Cape Verde – the new bloggers paradise?

Amy and I have a special connection with Sal. It was on a deserted unnamed beach, surrounded only by ocean and sand dunes that I bent down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. That was nearly five years ago, and the island has become a little better known in that time.

Sal still feels as if it is hasn’t found its way on to the digital nomad’s map. I’d like to change that, as I believe it is the ultimate place to set up for a month while you work on your blog, do some freelancing and enjoy the island’s motto “No Stress”.


Google’s intrusive interstitial update

Are you still using pop ups on the mobile version of your blog or website? As of January 10th 2017 this could be harming your search ranking. Whether it is advertising, inviting visitors to subscribe, or any other call to action – if it covers more than a tiny portion of your page content, you need to get rid of it.

What’s changed?

On the 10th January 2017 Google updated their search algorithms to include one additional factor. From that date, Google’s algorithm downgrades websites that use pop up content on the mobile version of their site. It is worth mentioning that it is only one factor of many in the entire algorithm. It doesn’t mean that your site will disappear from search overnight. However, if two similarly ranking websites are competing for a position in search, the one that doesn’t use pop ups will now win the battle. That is worth paying attention to.


Build a website series: Post #1

Having decided to quit our jobs, get married and get on a plane to travel the world, we quickly realised that we needed a website. We’re quitting our jobs and setting up on our own, making the most of Amy’s creative side with our travel blog and using my digital marketing expertise to offer digital services to clients.

If we are going to live the digital nomad life, we need a blog/website that helps us to appear professional, skilled and authoritative to potential clients. Just over a week ago we sat down and created a website from scratch. Now I’m writing a series of posts to tell you exactly how I did it, and why.

This is post one in the series, covering the basics:

  • What is a blog versus a website?
  • How should you choose and buy a domain?
  • What is hosting, and how do I get it?
  • What’s the difference between a CMS and a Site Builder?

A techy & a creative build a website

Amy is an amazing fine artist. Her digital skills aren’t too shabby either, she regularly produces audio-visual installation pieces. She’s a firm member of the Adobe club with techniques I can’t understand in photoshop, premier pro and after effects. I’m a digital marketer. Editing, tweaking and overlaying stock images for responsive websites is no problem. I regularly create sales videos and interview case studies. So, we should be in for an easy ride setting up a website together, right?

We thought so. But it turns out that our skill sets are pretty far apart. Whilst we both spend a large portion of our week embedded in the Adobe creative suite, we are doing very different things. And now we’re having a laugh trying to bring our skill sets together. Following our big decision, we’ve realised that we need to find a way to earn money whilst we travel if it is going to last any longer than six months.

How we decided to travel the world

An awfully big decision

We are mad. We keep saying it. Somehow we’ve made the decision to get married, quit our jobs and travel the world. We aren’t rich. This isn’t something we have reserves of time and money to do. And yet we’ve made the decision, we’ve set up a website and we’ve booked viewings for wedding venues. No going back now!

We are around the age of 30, and we’ve worked hard and aimed for careers that interest us. Like many couples in our generation we juggle bills and a social life. But we’ve managed. Through luck with house prices after scraping together a mortgage, and a lot of DIY, we’ve been able to afford a decent lifestyle. We haven’t got a penny in savings, but we’ve had holidays and adventures.

But I couldn’t seem to keep going. Whilst I love my house, and I’m proud of where I am, it isn’t enough. It isn’t enough of a reason to spend 55 hours a week driving to an office and working for somebody else. I want to choose what I do, and be passionate about it.