We are a couple who’ve been caught up in the never-ending cycle of making more money to buy better stuff for years. We’ve managed to collect two beautiful cats, a couple of cars and a mortgage along the way. It’s been fun.

But what comes next? Do we continue putting in the hours in our jobs, buying bigger houses and better cars? More exotic holidays and more expensive clothes?

We kept coming back to one thing: isn’t there more to life than this?

We’ve made an insane decision. The kind that is paired with a nervous snort whenever we say it out loud.

We are going to get married, quit our jobs and travel the world.

Until the day we hand in our notice (in 2018) we will be anonymous on this blog. If you think you have identified us, please don’t tell anybody. As we are both employed, we need to keep our identities hidden until we are ready to hand in our notice.

For now you can call us Chloe and Amy.